Welcome on the personal website of Jan-Willem Loijson, where you can find information about who I am, which programming projects I work on and what Iíve done in the past.

I am 35 years old (born in 1987), and live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Iíve been through high school (called "VWO" in the Netherlands, which is pre-scientific education) and have a diploma. Also I am a certified programmer since a few years, and I have been in programming education at a computer academy. Here I've learned to use the programming language Java. I have several programming projects that I recently worked on that can be read about on this website. These are various software in the direction of self-organization. This type of software is useful for everybody to use.

My old activity was game programming, but I've stopped programming on games because I still need to take many steps to my own safety and being better organized. That's a different task entirely than game programming. This new direction especially shows in my Block Building 0 project.

E-mails currently do not arrive, so please don't send me one. And please don't add me to skype. If you have done so, I'm sorry for any evil people writing back instead of me. Do look at this website.

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