> Isometric game 1
I'm a hobby game programmer, and this is a game I've programmed on for years. It was originally a strategy game made in Fenix. It started out as this, but then I decided to change direction and to make it into another type of game. A lesson I've learned, is that programming an RTS game is too much for one person, even if I cooperated with someone for the graphics.

The game is written in programming language Fenix. I have the engine and user interface done, I still need to implement the game logic and create the graphics. So far I have a scrollable isometric map, which you can edit with the editor, which enables you to place tiles on the map with automatic fringe tiles, and to place units and buildings on the screen. The user interface consists of menus to do anything, which in turn consist of GUI-elements like a self-programmed listbox, graphical button, and inputbox. In game, the units can drive around and go around buildings and water, and buildings can be selected.

I decided to stop working on this game. I do want to once finish a proper game like this, but would rather do it in another language instead.

This looks like a game attempt in Fenix. It was a large attempt.

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